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Beefsteak offer

Beefsteak 200 gr. With deep-fried potatoes, béarnaise- or pepper sauce, fresh salad, and a large beer. Kr. 3.400,-

Cheeseburger offer
Hamburger Barbequed 90 gr. Beef -with french fries and Cocktail sauce. Kr. 1,450,-

Hamburger offer
Hamburger Barbequed 90 gr. Beef - with french fries and cocktail sauce. Kr. 1350,-

The legendary bar and burger joint Vitabar, located on the corner of Vitastigur and Bergthorugata in the centre of Reykjavik is the place most locals would point out to tourists looking for the best burger in town. It‘s all back to basics at Vitabar where you‘ll get the juiciest burger you‘ve ever tasted, presented in the way that all hamburgers should be.

The place itself is as unpretentious as it could be, with the basic interior, dark lighting, a couple of tables aligned against the walls. Nothing in there has changed for years, which only adds to the charm of Vitabar.