The Icelandic Bar - Islenski Barinn

The Icelandic Bar - Islenski Barinn

Welcome to Islenski barinn (The Icelandic Bar) – Icelandic through and through.

This bar has the best selection of Icelandic beers in the WORLD. It serves all available local beers, up to 60 types. If beer isn't your drink of choice, all liqueurs and spirits produced in Iceland are also available.

The menu consists of traditional Icelandic dishes, with a twist, along with unusually good burger meals and other gastropub food at reasonable price. The kitchen is open from 11:30 with special lunch offers and is open all day to 22:00

Are you looking for a place to try the very smelly rotten shark with Brennivín or delicious lamb soup – this is your place.

The atmosphere is like home should be, relaxed, comfortable and the fridge full of cold refreshments.