The English Pub

The English Pub

Save water, drink beer! Since beer was finally allowed by law in 1989, Iceland has enjoyed a diverse selection of restaurants and often sophisticated bars. 

However, one tiny grumble occasionally surfaced from the country’s Anglophiles (a person who likes the way of the English) – simply that there was no proper “pub." Moreover, so the English Pub was born.

 From modest beginnings it has built a hearty reputation, seeking out, with the advice and guidance of its dedicated customers, the finest ale is available to mankind. 

Today it offers its enthusiastic clientele the chance to sample 50 beers from around the world, as well as a staggering 15 Icelandic brands. Whiskey galore Not content to rest on its laurels, the English Pub has ventured north of its virtual border and also offers the finest selection of whiskeys anywhere in the country. 

The choice of some 60 malts includes many of Scotland’s finest, ensuring that numerous Icelanders and worldly travelers make the pilgrimage to the pub’s humble door. 

Located at the very heart of downtown Reykjavik, the walls of the English Pub are adorned with hundreds of photographs – like an album of the city’s history just waiting to be explored over a quiet beer. A sporting chance Live sporting coverage is amply catered for, with a choice of five big HD-screens and TVs. 

Inside the pub, there is room for up to 150 people, and an outdoor terrace can accommodate plenty more on those balmy Icelandic evenings, as well as during the warm days of summer! Whether it is football (Premier and Champions League), rugby or golf, there are always special offers when live events are being broadcasted.

 Live music every night adds to the atmosphere and on the weekends dancing into the hot Reykjavik night is far from prohibited. For anyone feeling lucky, there is the Wheel of Fortune. 

Regulars like nothing more than to spin the wheel and chance a “Sorry” or preferably win what used to be called a Yard of Ale. These days, it’s inevitably known as a meter of beer, but the winners don’t seem to mind!