Matur og Drykkur / Food & Drinks

Matur og Drykkur / Food & Drinks

The big vision is to make Icelandic people proud of their own foodie heritage and to offer a very welcome alternative to the “traditional” dishes regularly rolled out to taunt the tourists with. The reasonably-priced menu is a long, long way away from those nasty classics you may have read about, such as putrid shark and other unmentionables!

Matur og Drykkur draws widespread research into old manuscripts, from which the chefs gleaned all sorts of recipes featuring the best of Iceland’s natural resources. From the freshest fish and leanest lamb to the aromatic herbs peppering the hills, all kinds of ingredients and techniques were amassed.

Then the fun began, as creative minds played around with these slices of heritage to deliver delicious, high-quality dishes fit for 21st-century palates.

The overall result is a fantastic introduction to authentic Icelandic cooking. At lunchtime, you can get your teeth into bigger bistro like dishes like traditional halibut soup with mussels and bay leaves, oxtail pie with mashed sunchokes and potatoes along with a high-quality fish that comes fresh in every morning from the harbour which is just a couple of minutes away!

In the evenings, however, the dinner is more of smaller plates at really fair prices so you can enjoy a glorious evening and taste Icelandic treats with a twist.

Choices are ranging from dried haddock chips with dulse, double smoked lamb with buttermilk, salted cod croquettes to big courses to share like whole roasted rack of lamb and adventurous dishes like cod head cooked in sugar kelp and rich chicken stock.

To round off a great meal you can choose great dessert such as skyr with whey and blueberries, a twisted doughnut with homemade birch smoked whey caramel amongst other delicacies. 

The drink program will leave you amazed at the chefs and bartender play around with different kinds of infusions and freshly made syrups from handpicked herbs to make the drink section interesting as well!