Bryggjan - Brewery Bar & Restaurant

Bryggjan - Brewery Bar & Restaurant

Bryggjan is an independent brewery, restaurant and bar situated on Reykjavik harbour which emphasizes fresh ingredients and various styles of high-quality beer, pumped directly from the brewery itself. Bryggjan can accommodate up to 280 guests and is open from 11.00 to 01.00, every day of the week.

A gourmet experience to be remembered: Bryggjan Bistro offers diverse, high-quality dishes, with an emphasis on fresh seafood caught off the shores of Iceland, in addition to traditional courses carefully selected by our master chef, Margret Rikhardsdottir.

Bar and Brewery 
Our ambition is to produce and serve a variety of beers and carefully selected wines. The bar holds 12 beer pumps that pump beer straight out of the brewery, and our custom-made wine cupboard maintains a perfect temperature for our rich selection of wines.  

Berger Gunnarsson, our master brewer, applies his knowledge and expertise to pairing our beers with delicacies from our kitchen.  Arturo Santoni Rousselle, our wine waiter, carefully selects our wines, and Dominik Roman Kocon mixes cocktails with the utmost care and expertise.

The Brewery Room 
The brewery room can accommodate about 100 guests and is suitable for groups and on most occasions. The room can be closed off with beautiful curtains and is equipped with a projector, along with all modern conveniences that may be required for feasts, meetings or conferences.