West Fjords

West Fjords

Connected to Iceland’s mainland by a strip of land just 10km wide, the West Fjords region has a reputation for outstanding mountain and fjord scenery, golden sand beaches, huge colonies of cliff-nesting seabirds and a smattering of tiny fishing communities with some seriously quirky museums.

You'll also find one of Iceland's most impressive waterfalls, Dynjandi, and an unexpected number of geothermal hot pools to bathe in.  

Surprisingly, only 3% of foreign tourists actually make the trip to Iceland's least visited region. 

The journey around this wild and sparsely inhabited region would not be out of place on a Top Gear report!  However, note that petrol stations are few and far between so be sure to fill up at every opportunity. 

It’s not possible to drive the West Fjords circle in winter as part of the route is closed. 

Out of the summer season, driving conditions throughout the West Fjords can be challenging.