Vopnafjordur (Vopnafjörður)

Vopnafjordur (Vopnafjörður)

Vopnafjörður is a small fishing village on a peninsula in a fjord of the same name. Interestingly, the name means the ‘fjord of weapons’, dating back to 9th Century settlement times, as most place names in Iceland do.

One of the early settlers here was Eyvindur vopni, whose exploits are detailed in the Icelandic Saga Vopnfirðingasaga, which tells of disputes between the local chieftains and the killings and vengeance feuds that followed, in the style of an epic family history.

The fjord is surrounded by sheer mountains, carved by an Ice Age glacier. At the head of the fjord are valleys that used to support many farms but today, it’s more about the salmon fishing than the farming. The area boasts two of the most exclusive salmon fishing rivers in the country, Hofsá and Selá, favoured by international royalty, politicians and presidents.

On the banks of the River Selá, 12km north of Vopnafjörður, you'll find the delightful Selárdalslaug outdoor swimming pool. This is one of the most beautifully sited pools in Iceland and you can combine a soak in the hot tub with a bit of celebrity spotting! 

Kaupvangur in Vopnafjörður is a lovely café in a restored historic building, sharing premises with the Tourist Information Centre and local museum.  A themed walking trail around the town starts from here - ask for a brochure.