Vigur Island

Vigur Island

Vigur is a tiny island in Isafjardardjup in the West Fjords. It is somewhat surprising that people would choose to live in a remote place like this. But this is what Icelanders have done through the centuries and continue to do.

Traditionally islands were sought after farm sites. The inhabitants could exploit the seabird and seal colonies as well as fish and farm.  Moreover, bird guano would fertilize the fields and islands were easily defended as you could see your enemies approach! 

In clear weather, a boat cruise to this tiny island is the perfect introduction to the self-sufficient way of life that has now almost disappeared in Iceland. 

The family live from farming and also harvest the abundant natural resources around them including eiderdown. You can visit the lovely farmstead for refreshments, take a stroll around the island and learn about this remote way of life.

Trips to the island operate from Isafjordur.