Tales from Iceland Video Museum

Tales from Iceland Video Museum

Tales from Iceland is a Video Museum about Iceland and Icelanders
Tales from Iceland is a museum like none you've ever seen. 

We like to think of it as a modern national museum.

Informative - Easy and Fun!  Our team of producers and cameramen have created numerous short but very informative cinematic features about a multitude of Icelandic topics.  Iceland’s musicians, fisherman, landscape, history and recent events all get their due share. We have created something unique that will enlighten and delight you and your family.

Each feature lasts 3 - 4 minutes and covers one topic.  All features have matching show times, so you have about twenty seconds to walk to another cinema screen with another fascinating topic.  There is no distinct order, and if you watch all our features, you will spend about an hour and a half in our museum which, fittingly, is housed in one of Reykjavik’s oldest cinemas.

The museum is in central Reykjavik and occupies two floors.  Each theatre area shows a high-resolution film on a large screen up to 100 inches. No headphones are needed because the speakers hang from the ceiling creating a sound dome over each area.

The movies are in English and with English subtitles. They are engaging, fun and loaded with interesting facts and Icelandic humor.  The variety of topics ensures that there is something for every family member regardless of age.

The featured topics:
The museum contains two sections, tales by visitors and tales by locals.  Tales by visitors portrays the country in the eyes of guests visiting the country.

Many of Iceland´s natural wonders are shown in the films including fire and ice, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and geysers, hot tubs and black beaches.

Tales by locals is made by professionals going through news clips over the last century and reflect the highlights by category ( arts, sports etc. ) of Icelandic society in an exciting and senses of humor way.

Sometimes referred to be the " biggest bragging " museum in the world.
You will be amazed at what our small population has achieved!
Welcome to Tales!