Sverrir’s Sundry Collection

Sverrir’s Sundry Collection

Sverrir’s Sundry Collection is a private museum like no other in Iceland. It is not only a historical or agricultural museum, an appliance, and household collection; nail and forging compilation, or a key collection but all of this and much more. 

For decades Sverrir has collected over a thousand items pr. year, ranging from gramophone needles to whole private collections of workshop tools. Sverrir has turned this assemblage into interesting exhibits and distinct sculptures that function as unique art souvenirs. 

The museum has a cafe and souvenir shop. 

Opening Hours: 
May 15th - Sep 15th 11 am until 5 pm Offseason for groups (10+) by appointment. 

Entrance Fee: ISK 1000. Children (67) and the disabled 

Amenities: Wheelchair Accessible Cafe Museum Shop