Svartifoss – the Black Waterfall

Svartifoss – the Black Waterfall

The short walk to Svartifoss starts at the Visitor Centre.  Cross the campground following the base of the hill until you reach the start of the trail.  

It will take about 30-40 minutes climbing steadily on a road trip to reach enchanting Svartifoss.  

You can view the waterfall from above but it really is worth walking down into its small canyon to get a closer look at the basalt columns that give Svartifoss (the black waterfall) its name. 

There are other waterfalls to see in Vestragil gorge; Þjofafoss, Hundafoss, and Magnusarfoss.

Along the path, you will see a selection of the 200 flowering plants have been recorded at Skaftafell. 

The vegetation is especially lush due to controlled grazing and birch woods extend across much of the area south of Vatnajokull glacier.