Surtshellir Lava Cave

Surtshellir Lava Cave

From Husafell it’s only about 14km to the lava cave Surtshellir. The cave or lava tube is about 1.5km long and its height ranges from 8-10m down to about 2-4m at the end of the cave. 

There are five openings to the cave where the roof has collapsed but access is not easy and is not recommended unless you have the right equipment. 

Moreover, rocks have fallen onto the cave floor, which can also be icy. There are many legends about the caves dating back to settlement times; one concerns the giant troll called Surtur after whom the caves are named. 

Part of the cave shows signs of human habitation with some bones and ashes; nothing should be removed from the cave. 

You’ll need a 4WD vehicle to get to Surtshellir and the cave is only accessible in summer.