Sudavik (Súðavík) - Home of the Arctic Fox

Sudavik (Súðavík) - Home of the Arctic Fox

Sudavik is a fishing village on the west side of Alftafjordur. In 1995 an avalanche engulfed part of the village killing 14 residents, injuring many others and destroying homes.

To avoid future tragedies the authorities decided to move the villagers to a safer location, away from the avalanche-prone area. 

Altogether 51 houses were built in the ‘new’ village, the old ones still standing are used in summer as visitor accommodation.

The village’s Arctic Fox Centre is a research facility and museum dedicated to Iceland’s only native terrestrial mammal. 

The exhibition is divided into two parts: the first focuses on the biology and history of the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus), the other on its social history and relationship with a man that stretches back 1000 years. The museum serves refreshments.