Stapi Sea Stack

Stapi Sea Stack

This prominent sea stack stands sentinel by the cliffs of Stapavik on a dramatic stretch of coast, known as Þvottarskridur, the Þvotta screes. 

Road 1 snakes along the screen, below menacing peaks, often shrouded in mist. 

Road 1 used to pass inland over the mountains but in 1981 the new road along the coast bypassed what had always been a difficult road that was often closed in winter.  

Unfortunately, the plan wasn't fool-proof and the coast road is itself subject to rock falls and avalanches, especially in winter. 

That aside, the views along this stretch of road are wonderful with waves crashing on the shore and cliffs.  

A little detour off the road brings you down to Stapavik where you view the sea stack Stapi.

This is also a good spot to observe eiders out at sea - once the breeding season is over, the birds gather to molt their feathers and for safety, they gather in groups, forming 'rafts'.  

You can also spot black guillemots here.