Skutustadir (Skútustaðir) Pseudocraters

Skutustadir (Skútustaðir) Pseudocraters

Pseudocraters are formed when lava flows over marshy ground, trapping water below it. 

The water heats and turns to steam. The steam escapes through vents, exploding and fragmenting the lava around them to form small craters. When a pot of porridge boils, a similar thing happens!

At Skutustadir, on the south shore of Lake Myvatn, take a circular walk among the pseudocraters which are found in groups, unlike real craters which form rows along a fissure.

There are two circuits: the longer one takes about 1 hour, following a trail around the small lake, while the shorter walk is just 20 minutes.

At Skutustadir, you’ll find a shop, fuel station and cafe.  Home-smoked trout is for sale at the farm.  This local delicacy is traditionally smoked using cow dung to add to the flavor! 

If you enjoy watching birds, look for two rare species found nesting around the small lake at Skutustadir: Slavonian grebe and great northern diver. The diver nests on the island in the lake.