Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts

Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts

Discover this beacon of cultural initiatives as you wander among the beautifully crafted historic buildings of Seydisfjordur. 

Skaftfell is a visual art center set up in 1998 to encourage the development of contemporary art. 

It's a focal point for local artists but also addresses the wider arts community and public, with exhibitions, events and an international residency and outreach programme. 

On the ground floor of the three-story timber building, you'll find a cozy cafe, with free wifi, a library of art books and arguably the best coffee in town.  

Skaftfell also takes care of the nearby house of naive artist Asgeir Emilsson (1931-1999).  

In 2013, Skaftfell received the prestigious Eyrarrosin award for outstanding cultural leadership in a rural area. 

Austurvegur 42, Seydisfjordur

(+354) 472 1632