Reynisfjara beach

Reynisfjara beach

With its basalt columns, caves and pounding surf, Reynisfjara beach is an atmospheric and brooding place to stop and stroll along its black sand beach. 

In the distance, you’ll see the rock arch at Dyrholaey and Reynisdrangar, the famous offshore rock formations. These sea stacks are said to be two trolls who were trying to pull a three-masted ship ashore but it took longer than anticipated. 

When the sun came up before they reached land they turned to stone. Cafe and toilets on site.

WARNING! Freak waves, rip currents and strong tides combine to make this beach a hazardous spot, at any time of year. Bathing and paddling are prohibited. 

Please ensure you keep well away from the water’s edge; the local recommendation is at least 20m but we suggest you keep on the side of caution. 

Freak waves can occur with very little warning with potentially fatal consequences.