Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks

Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks

Warning:  the waves at Vik and Reynisfjara beaches are dangerous and freak sneaker waves have claimed lives here.  

Please take heed of the warning signs and do not approach the sea. 

Reynisdrangar is coastal rock formations by the town of Vik. According to legend, two trolls were trying to pull a three-masted ship ashore but it took longer than anticipated. 

When the sun came up before they reached land, they turned to stone.

The 66m high sea stacks stand at the foot of Reynisfjall, a 340 m high tuff mountain, formed in a subglacial eruption during the latter part of the Ice Age. 

It consists of alternating layers of tuff, pillow lava, and columnar basalt veins. The Reynisdrangar stacks are of the same geological formation as Reynisfjall.

The stacks can be viewed from two different locations:  from the beach at Vik and from Reynisfjara beach.  At Reynisfjara, splendid basalt columns rise from the black beach presenting a dramatic foreground. You'll also find a spectacular cave called Halsanefshellir. 

There are a café and toilets by the car park at Reynisfjara beach.