Reykjafjordur Swimming Pool (Reykjafjörður)

Reykjafjordur Swimming Pool (Reykjafjörður)

In the inner reaches of Arnarfjordur (eagle fjord), the main fjord branches into smaller fjords. 

The gravel road (only open in summer) partly hugs the coast, but also hangs high above the fjord, offering spectacular views.  

Here you'll find Reykjafjordur a very short fjord, with a geothermal swimming pool by the road.  

This is a rustic pool but plans are afoot to renovate it.  The water temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius.

Beside the swimming pool, you'll find a warm stream where carefully placed rocks have dammed it to form a natural bathing pool.  

Here the water is hotter, around 45 degrees but you should check before stepping in!  

It's a beautifully scenic spot, overlooking the fjord.  At the time of writing, there was no charge to use the pool, but this is subject to change.