Reykholar (Reykhólar), Where Eagles Dare

Reykholar (Reykhólar), Where Eagles Dare

Narrow finger-like fjords form the indented south coast of the West Fjords between Flokalundur and Bjarkalundur. 

Almost uninhabited but for a scattering of farms, this lonely stretch of road remains unpaved in places.

Its steep, rocky mountainsides offer choice nesting sites for some of Iceland’s small but stable population of 70 pairs of white-tailed eagles. 

Look for these majestic birds in flight or sitting on the shore. Iceland's largest bird of prey hunts fish and seabirds, in particular, fulmars, which are clumsy at taking off and easily snatched from the surface. 

White-tailed eagles have been protected in Iceland since 1914 when following decades of persecution by farmers, they had almost been wiped out. At the tiny settlement of Kroksfjardarnes, on the north shore of Gilsfjordur, you'll find a small exhibition on sea eagles. 

A short detour on road 607 brings you to Reykholar, which boasts the highest tidal range in Iceland. 

This small settlement processes kelp using geothermal heat and produces sea salt. 

There’s abundant bird life in the area and a geothermal swimming pool. Boat trips to the offshore islands can be arranged.