Raudfeldsgja (Rauðfeldsgjá) Ravine

Raudfeldsgja (Rauðfeldsgjá) Ravine

Around 12km west of Budir, a narrow chasm Raudfeldsgja, cuts deep into the flank of Botnsfjall mountain. 

It is possible to walk into the ravine but beware as elves are said to live here! The ravine is dark, narrow and can feel eerie as it closes in on those who enter.

In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a view of a tall, narrow waterfall. This spooky ravine is named after Raudfeldur, a boy who was wedged in there as punishment.

The Saga of Bardur tells us how Raudfeldur and his brother Solvi were playing on the shore with Bardur's daughter Helga.  

When Helga climbed onto an iceberg, the boys pushed it out to sea and Helga drifted off to Greenland.  When Helga made her way back to Iceland, Bardur prank came to light and Bardur wedged Raudfeldur into the gully and threw Solvi over the nearby cliff.  

The ravine is inaccessible in winter.