Pakkhus Folk Museum

Pakkhus Folk Museum

The Pakkhus: in Olafsvík, is one of the few trade houses from the 19th century that still stands. It was built in 1844 and was put under government protection on August 31, 1970, by the then Minister of Education.

“The Pakkhus” is a memorial of the town’s history. On the second floor and in the attic is a selection of the collection on display and the first floor are various exhibitions, a store and tourist information Krambudin Inside the store we seek to create the atmosphere of past centuries.

Among things available is old fashion candy and delicacies of various kinds. In a store inside is also a selection of Icelandic craftsmanship and rare works of art from artists from the region. Regional Museum On the second and third floor of the building is a heritage museum Snaefellsbaer.

There you can experience Icelandic folk home of the 19th century and a glimpse into the remarkable way of life of fishermen in earlier centuries. On the third floor of the museum is an exhibition called “Pakkhus Praise”. We also have a good art gallery and every year present a few exhibitions.

Opening Hours:
June 5th to August 31st Daily: Noon-5pm Amenities: Museum Shop Café Entrance Fee: Adults ISK 800 Free for children and seniors.