Melrakkasletta (Melrakkaslétta) Plain

Melrakkasletta (Melrakkaslétta) Plain

Gravel road 870 traces the coast of Melrakkasletta, the sparsely inhabited peninsula between Raufarhofn and Kopasker.  

At Hraunhafnartangi, you've reached Iceland´s northernmost point at 66°33”02” N, just 3km short of the Arctic Circle. This remote area is one of the best places in Iceland to see the midnight sun, and from late August to late March, the northern lights

Melrakkasletta translates as 'Fox Plain' but here you are more likely to find seals hauled out on skerries or perhaps whales cruising further out to sea.

The plain’s small lakes attract many breeding birds, among them a large number of Arctic terns, while great skuas nest by the mouth of the river Jokulsa a Fjollum, where it runs into Oxarfjordur bay. 

Leirhofn, a lake surrounded by vegetation, is an ideal nesting site for Slavonian grebe, a rare species in Iceland.