Nordurfjordur and Krossnes Swimming Pool

Nordurfjordur and Krossnes Swimming Pool

Occupying a resplendent position dominated by 646m high Krossnesfjall, the tiny village of Nordurfjordur is really just a cluster of houses, a guesthouse, cafe and small shop sited amid fertile farmland at the head of the fjord of the same name.  

One of the country’s most dramatically sited swimming pools, Krossneslaug, is just 4km northeast of the village, at Krossnes. 

Here natural springs trickle down from the mountain, providing a continuous source of hot water to feed the open-air pool. 

Sited just above the shoreline of a pebble beach, the pool is barely a few meters from the icy waters of the Atlantic. A swim here is certainly memorable. 

This area is only accessible in summer.