Krysuvik Geothermal Area

Krysuvik Geothermal Area

The Krysuvik geothermal area at Seltun is worth a detour to see the bubbling hot springs, steamy fumaroles and boiling mud pools. 

The area is quite colorful with mineral deposits of sulfur, iron, and gypsum on the surface around the springs – for your safety it’s recommended to stay on the path and boardwalk. 

Close by you'll find the moody volcanic landscape of Lake Kleifarvatn.  A big earthquake in 2000 caused water to drain out of the water basin, just like a plug being taken out of a bath. 

As the water drained, hot springs appeared along the lakeshore. Iceland’s best-known crime novel writer, Arnaldur Indridason, wrote a book about this mysterious ‘Draining Lake’. Kleifarvatn is usually inaccessible in winter.

Also in the area is Graenavatn, Green Lake, an explosive crater filled with dark green water.