Kaupvangur Cultural Centre

Kaupvangur Cultural Centre

Fredrik Bald, a Danish master carpenter, built the impressive Kaupvangur mansion in Vopnafjorður for merchants Orum and Wulff in 1884. Very talented, this same craftsman also built the Althingi parliament building in Reykjavik.  

Later, Kaupvangur became the emerging fishing town's cooperative general store and home of the shop manager.  

Now meticulously restored, the building has a nice café, a helpful tourist information centre and an exhibition on the life and works of the town's famous musical duo, brothers Jon Muli and Jonas Arnason.

The building also holds a research facility aimed at helping descendants of emigrants to the USA and Canada trace their ancestors, who left the area in the wake of the Askja eruption of 1875.  

Hafnarbyggð 4, Vopnafjorður

(+ 354) 473 1331