Icelandic Forest Service

Icelandic Forest Service

Icelandic Forest Service -open every day, all year round The forests are a refuge from wind and rain and you can find a new adventure behind every tree. 

In the South: Thingvellir Haukadalur Forest Laugarvatn Forest Mulakot Arboretum Kirkjubaejarklaustur Grove Thjorsardalur Forest Thorsmork Native Birchwoods Tumastaðir Forest 

West: Icelandic Forest Research Mogilsa Norðtunga Forest Selskogur Forest Stalpastaðir Forest Jafnaskard Forest 

North: Asbyrgi Nature Reserve Grund Historical Forest Grove Kristnes Forest Melar & Skuggabjorg Forests Reykjarholl Forest Sigridarstadir Forest Þorðarstadir, Belgsa & Bakkasel Vaglaskogur Forest Vaglir Forest in Thelamork 

East: Arnaldsstaðir Birchwoods Hallormsstaðaskogur Forest Jorvik Forest and native scrubland 

Opening Hours: All year 
Amenities: Picnic Tables and parking 
Entrance Fee: Free