The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum

The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum

Safnasafnid - Icelandic Folk & Outsider Art Museum, founded 1995, is a unique art museum in Iceland, initially collecting artworks by all significant contemporary folk artists and autodidacts in Iceland, whose works form the core of the collection, while also gradually acquiring an excellent collection of contemporary art. By exhibiting works by autodidacts in juxtaposition with the works of renowned contemporary artists, Safnasafnið focuses on all artistic creation without discrimination, the only criterion being the quality of the art.

In Icelandic Safnasafnid is a wordplay, Safna meaning a collection of works, and safnið meaning a museum, so Safnasafnid is a museum housing, not one, but many collections. These collections of works are very diverse, from toys and embroidery to works by children, the mentally ill, folk and outsider artists, as well as works by renowned professional artists. These collections nourish each other and the annual exhibitions, where works from every collection, displayed in juxtaposition with the works of guest artists, form every year an inspiring tapestry of artistic creativity

Doll Collection
One of the permanent exhibitions is a collection of national costume dolls from all over the world. Visitors enjoy finding dolls belonging to their homeland, as well as learning about other nations.

Reading Room and library
Safnasafnid houses an extensive library, containing hundreds of books on international art and craft, and vast source material about folk and outsider art in Iceland.

Staying at Safnasafnid
Lovely apartment for rent, open area with kitchen, living room and sleeping quarters. Available accommodation for up to 3-4 adults and 2-3 children.

Free wi-fi and admission to the museum. Call or e-mail for availability.

When you drive along the east side of Eyjafjordur, on Ringroad 1 from Akureyri, in about 10 minutes you can spot one of the wonders of Icelandic museums where it cuddles up to the roadside above Svalbardsstrond.

Icelandic Folk & Outsider Art Museum
The Museum is open from May 12 until September 8th.
Opening hours 10:00–17:00