Hveravellir hot pool

Hveravellir hot pool

Hveravellir is a beautiful geothermal area in the central highlands of Iceland, just a short detour off the Kjolur Mountain Route.  

A small bathing pool is sited by the old hut and a soak in its steamy geothermal water is wonderfully relaxing.  

The experience is even more special as in clear whether you'll have an uninterrupted view of the icecap Hofsjokull.  

There are a decked area and a bench where you can leave your clothes and towel - it's a good idea to have a bag to protect your things and not to leave valuables unattended there.  

The pool has separate unregulated hot and cold water inflow pipes and it is important to test the water first before you enter, to check that the temperature is ok for you.