Hvammstangi Village

Hvammstangi Village

Hvammstangi, the only village on the Vatnsnes peninsula, has a small supermarket, restaurants, a cafe, Arts and Craft Centre and tourist information. 

It also has a wool factory shop and many lovely Icelandic designs are woven here.

By Hvammstangi harbor the Seal Centre is a museum and research facility which studies seals found in and around Icelandic waters. Learn about different species, their habitats and how to distinguish them.

You'll also find information on other local wildlife such as Arctic foxes, various cetaceans, eider ducks, puffins, and other birds.

A landscaped square sits in front of the center and there is a coffee house nearby in a restored historic building.

If you choose to explore Vatnsnes peninsula (circular route on road 711), there is a good chance of spotting seals and birds in their natural habitat at Illugastadir, north of Hvammstangi.