Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Don’t miss the chance to visit Hornstrandir by boat. This outstanding nature reserve boasts sheer ocean cliffs packed with millions of birds, stunning sandy beaches piled high with driftwood and Arctic foxes scuttling amidst the lush vegetation (flora and fauna have been protected here since 1974).

Among the deserted Jokulfirdir fjords you’ll find knee-deep flower meadows, backed by steep mountains and the shimmering Drangajokull icecap.

Historically this region was looked upon as a paradise; the farmlands were good, sheep could graze outdoors all year and there was plenty of fish in the ocean. But due to its remote location, by 1952 the area had been deserted. 

Luckily, the descendants of the former residents have maintained many of the houses, and in summer they return to spend their holidays in the area. 

Boat trips depart Isafjordur for Hesteyri daily in summer and on certain days they continue further round the coast to Hornvik, sailing past the impressive Haelavikurbjarg bird cliff.