Hofdi (Höfði)

Hofdi (Höfði)

On the west shore of Lake Myvatn, Hofdi is a recreational forested area sited on a scenic peninsula jutting into the lake. There's a small car park by the entrance gate and you'll also find toilets there.  

Walking trails meander through the forest to several spectacular viewpoints over the lake and its lava pillars.  

The lake is especially shallow at this spot and the pale mud on the lake floor gives the water a turquoise color. 

Many duck species can be seen in the area, including Barrow's goldeneye, which does not breed elsewhere in Europe. 

The drake is easily recognized by its black and white patterned plumage and golden eye. 

The landowners planted many of the trees on the peninsula, which explains the presence of exotic species, among them numerous conifers, which are not native to Iceland.