Haifoss (Háifoss) Waterfall

Haifoss (Háifoss) Waterfall

At 122m in height, Haifoss is a breathtaking sight, its thin white plume highlighted against the dark rock of its moody canyon. When the sun comes out, the entire spectacle is framed by a perfect rainbow (or two!). 

But that’s not all; watch how the plume of water splashes onto a giant boulder on the riverbed. Oh and there’s a second waterfall to admire if you get tired of the first.

There is a path leading to a viewpoint over both falls – you’re advised to stay well back from the crumbly edge of the gorge for your safety.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can continue beyond the viewpoint as the trail descends into the gorge towards the foot of the waterfall. 

It’s Iceland at its most magical but you’ll need proper boots for this walk. A 4WD vehicle is advisable as the track to the falls is rutted. 

There are a cafe and toilets at Holaskogur, part way along the track. Haifoss is not accessible in winter.