Grimsey (Grímsey) Puffin Island

Grimsey (Grímsey) Puffin Island

Don’t miss the chance to visit Grimsey Island for a peek at the puffins. However, don't confuse this Grimsey with the island off the north coast of Iceland, which bears the same name!

Legend has it that Grimsey was formed when three trolls tried to separate the West Fjords from the rest of Iceland by digging a channel from Hunafloi Bay to Breidafjordur. 

As the sun came up, two trolls ran east but were turned to stone in Kollafjordur and the third troll jumped over Streingrimsfjordur landing on a rocky peninsula where she had left her ox. 

In anger she threw down her shovel and broke off part of the cliff, creating Grimsey. Locals say she is the sea stack on the shore of Drangnses, known as Kerling.

Boat trips to Grimsey are run by Hotel Malarhorn. A stop on the island allows you to explore at leisure and gives you the opportunity to observe and photograph the puffins and guillemots and other seabirds. Occasionally a spot of whale watching and sea angling is included in the trips - ask when you book.