Grenivik Fishing Museum

Grenivik Fishing Museum

Grenivik Fishing Museum is a long line fishing museum. 

It opened in 2009 in an old baiting shack called Hlidarendi, which was built in 1920 on the foundation of an old fishing hamlet. 

An interesting collection of artifacts is on display, for example, various fishing equipment and tools that were used in smaller boats, for longline fishing and processing fish. 

Most of the objects stem back to early 1900. The museum also has two fishing boats on display. 

The old baiting shack was previously used for many different occasions, baiting, salting, packing and skinning fish, but also for sleeping and dancing. 

Opening Hours: 
Summer: June 15th-Aug 15th Daily: 1 pm – 5 pm 
Admission: Free for all NEW