Godafoss (Goðafoss) Waterfall

Godafoss (Goðafoss) Waterfall

Godafoss, the ‘waterfall of the gods’, is remarkable for its symmetry. It can be viewed from both sides of the river, each giving a different perspective on the falls. 

The access path from the car park to the falls is shorter on the west side.  Care is needed especially in winter as the rocks around the falls can be slippery.

Toilets are by the cafe, souvenir shop and fuel station on the main road. If you are viewing the falls from the west side, you can follow the path to the bridge along the river Skjalfandi past some interesting eroded rock formation in the cliffs. 

On the east side, steps allow you to descend to the river bed to view the waterfall from below. 

The waterfall’s name is based on an event that took place in the year 1000 when the law speaker of the parliament, Þorgeir, declared that Icelanders should convert from paganism to Christianity. According to legend, he threw the wooden images of his pagan gods into the waterfall on his way back home.