Gaujulundur - A Garden in the Lava

Gaujulundur - A Garden in the Lava

At the end of the Heimaey eruption in July 1973, the Westman Island residents gradually trickled back to rebuild their lives. 

Many were traumatized by the impact of the eruption and the lava and ash that had engulfed their homes. 

Dark and menacing, the new lava overlooked the town as an ever-present reminder of the horrors of the eruption.

One couple began to plant a garden in the new lava, painstakingly shifting soil to the site. 

Over the years their garden grew and whilst they are no longer there to tend it, today this colorful oasis is a statement of the Islanders’ resilience. 

Gaujulundur is east of the harbor beyond Skansinn and is open to the public; donations for its upkeep are welcomed.