Gallery Fold

Gallery Fold

The best collection of quality Icelandic art

Galleri Fold is Iceland's leading auction house and foremost fine arts dealership. Established in 1990, Galleri Fold has been in the hands of its current proprietor since 1992. In 1994, we acquired our premises at Raudararstigur 14, where we have enjoyed a period of growth and prosperity. 

Our 600 m2 building has five exhibition spaces from 30 to 110 m2. Galleri Fold sells the works of over 60 of Iceland's best-known artists. We also resell artworks on behalf of individuals and companies, both directly and in auctions.

You will find a broad range of quality works of art in our collection.

Monthly art auctions 
Galleri Fold holds busy, well-attended fine art auctions every month, apart from a short break during the summer period. Up to a hundred items go under the hammer each time. 

Our auction catalog is available in the gallery or on our website,, and our new internet auctions take place on You can bid for works that are only for sale on the internet, or send in bids for works to be sold in larger auctions.

Valuations by specialists
Galleri Fold can value works of art for individuals, companies, insurance companies and institutions. Our valuations are based on our in-depth knowledge of Icelandic art markets and current price levels for works of art that we estimate according to information gathered from art auctions that have taken place in Iceland.

Icelandic art around the world 
Every week, dozens of overseas visitors call in at our gallery to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in the Icelandic art scene. We pack works of art for export and send them to destinations all over the world.

High-quality framing workshop 
To provide superior services for our clients, we opened a framing workshop in 2001. It is fitted with the best equipment available and frames pictures for artists and customers.