Drangsnes Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool

Drangsnes Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool

For such a tiny community it comes as a surprise to find a perfect bathing spot, right on the shoreline - two beautiful hot pools. 

You can soak in Drangsnes' geothermally fed twin hot tubs, while you watch eiders and other birds cruise by.  Changing rooms and showers are across the road. 

The hot pools are free of charge to use and they are open 24 hours. 

Drangsnes also has a 12.5m long swimming pool with hot tub, sauna and children's pool.  

Tel. (+354) 451 3201

Opening hours: (subject to change) 

13 June - 1 September: Monday to Thursday 10-21 and Friday to Sunday 10-18

1 September - 13 June: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 16-19 and Saturday and Sunday 15-17