Dalvik (Dalvík) Fishing Town

Dalvik (Dalvík) Fishing Town

Dalvik is a town with an important fishing heritage due to its proximity to rich fishing grounds offshore. Visitors are struck by its spectacular setting on the shore of Eyjafjordur, the longest fjord in the north of Iceland.

The town is known for its Great Fish Day Festival, held on the second weekend of August every year. Chefs cook up and serve all the fresh fish you could possibly wish for (and for free!) but this is a very popular event so arrive early!

This town has a geothermal swimming pool, a folk museum, hiking trails, and a golf course.

Sea angling and whale watching trips operate from the harbor, with regular sightings of humpback and minke whales during the summer months. Often you can spot whales from the road just south of Dalvik. As you follow the progress of the whale watch boats chugging up and down the fjord, you're likely to see the whales' blows and fins around the boats.  

The ferry Saefari sails from here to the island of Grimsey, Iceland's northernmost community which lies on the Arctic Circle.

Dalvik means 'Valley Bay' and it gets its name from the broad and fertile Svarfadardalur valley extending behind the town.  A birdwatcher's trail meanders around Hrisatjorn, a small lake south of the town by the river estuary - you may be lucky and see great northern diver here. Further up the valley at Husabakki (a former school), you can follow a bird trail through wetlands.  Black-tailed godwit, snipe and redshank are abundant here during the breeding season.  Husabakki also has a bird exhibition.