Bjossarolo (Bjössaróló) Playground

Bjossarolo (Bjössaróló) Playground

Borgarnes resident Bjorn Gudmundsson came up with the idea of making a playground for local children, without it costing anything but his labor. 

He collected discarded materials and recycled them into brightly painted slides, a see-saw, swings, and a climbing frame. 

It’s great fun for ‘children’ of all ages! He also wanted the playground to be hard to find, to remind us that we should not always be in a hurry and need to “take our time in life”. 

Its location is an adventure in itself – it’s right by the beach where there is much to explore. 

Nearby you'll find Englendingavik, 'Englishman's Cove', and a cafe of the same name in a restored historic warehouse.