Bjorn of Breidavik: from Viking to American Chieftain

Bjorn of Breidavik: from Viking to American Chieftain

Back in the early days of Iceland’s settlement a farmer and his beautiful wife Thuridur lived at Froda, a farm near Olafsvik on Snaefellsnes. Bjorn, a neighboring farmer from the other side of the peninsula, fell in love with the lady of Froda and visited frequently. 

Understandably her husband was not happy about this and fought with Bjorn, who decided it would be wise to leave the country.

The story goes that sometime later his fellow countrymen met him again when they sailed west to America.

In the culture of the Maya and Toltec tribes of America, there are tales of a bearded white chieftain who came from the east and settled among them. 

He taught them many new things and was regarded as a very great chieftain. It has been speculated that Bjorn could be this great chief, Quetzalcoatl. Most likely we will never know but it is interesting to think that perhaps he was this lovesick Viking from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula!