Bildudalur (Bíldudalur) Village

Bildudalur (Bíldudalur) Village

Bildudalur, one of the more isolated villages of the West Fjords, is endowed with the lion's share of mouthwatering scenery. 

Sited on the shore of Arnafjordur, the region's second largest fjord, the village is protected from the sea breezes and with a southerly aspect, on a sunny day, it can feel almost too hot here!

The people of Bildudalur base their livelihood mainly on fishing, like most other villages in the West Fjords, but the locals also welcome visitors to check out their somewhat unusual attractions: the Sea Monster Museum is dedicated to the creatures that have played a colorful role in Icelandic folklore; Melodie minninganna – or the Memory Melodies is in the home of the founder, Jon Olafsson, a rock singer who opened his private collection of rock memorabilia in the basement of his house in 2000. 

It consists of various items connected to rock music in Iceland, such as LP´s, posters, clothes, shoes, and jewelry, reflecting the music and styles of the Western world in the 60s and 70s. One could also say that the owner himself is a very interesting part of the collection!

If you have time, it is worth driving along the dirt road 619, following the fjord shore towards the open sea. Along the way, take in deserted white sand beaches, backed by moody mountains.  

The road ends at Selardalur, where Samuel Jonsson's sculptures are scattered in splendid isolation around the artist's quirky home.