Baejarstadaskogur (Bæjarstaðaskógur) Forest

Baejarstadaskogur (Bæjarstaðaskógur) Forest

Baejarstadaskogur is a birch and rowan forest in Morsardalur valley just west of Skaftafell. In 1935 some 22 hectares of forest was fenced in and protected from grazing sheep. Now it is considered to be one of the best birch forests in the country, its trees grow tall and straight.

The walk to the forest is through a very beautiful area but it is 15.8km long and is a rather demanding walk for 4-5 hours (refer to the map from the Visitor Centre.)

From the Visitor Centre, the walk starts on the flat at the campground around the base of the hillside.  After the second bridge turns right at Lambhagi. From there the walk climbs along Baejargil gorge to Magnusarfoss waterfall, and onto Vesturheiði heath. Great views unfold of the broad floodplain of Morsárdalur and rhyolite peaks of

Skaftafellsfjoll before you descend to the valley floor. Cross the bridge over the glacial River Morsa and follow the trail over gravel flats to Baejarstadarskogur forest.

Enjoy distant views of Morsajokull, a fast retreating glacier and listen for rumbling icefalls as blocks tumble off its cliffs. The map shows an alternative, easier route on the flat, to return to the Visitor Centre.