Reykjavik is one of Europe's Most Livable City

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Reykjavik is one of Europe's Most Livable City

Iceland has long been a stop-over place between the U.S. and Europe, then that stopped, but in recent years, Iceland's tourism had an enormous boost of interest and is hardly out of the travel pages at all these days. However, it is a little wonder.

Not only is Iceland one of the most progressive countries in Europe, if not the world, but also one of the most fascinating. Think ice caves, glaciers, black sand beaches, diamond beaches, scruffy ponies, stunning waterfalls, modern architecture and a forever-rising reputation for good food.

The capital is the setting-off point for all tours and a picturesque place filled with what looks like toy-town houses, a fantastic cathedral, and yes, notable hot-dog stands. Not cheap, but worth it.

Publish By : Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

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